Uranian Sign Rulership

Alfred Witte has published a new Rulership, which included his Transneptunians Cupido, Hades, Zeus and Kronos. Friedrich Sieggrun discovered his own Transneptunians Appollon, Admetos and Vulcanus, until August-September 1927. The search for his 4th Transneptunian Poseidon was first without a clear result, until 1934. 

In Friedrich Sieggrun's presentation of his first three Transneptunians, he added his Rulership to the one of Alfred Witte. The next original shows at the bottom his addition. The first are Alfred Witte's Rulership, the last three entries are Friedrich Sieggrun's Rulership (based on Witte's scheme).


Poseidon is missing here, because this presentation was in front of the Poseidon discovery. In Friedrich Sieggrun's presentation of the Poseidon, he wrote: Poseidon "belongs to the group of Water-Planets, which has now 3 Planets: Neptune, Kronos and Poseidon. [...] The symbol of Poseidon, shows a doubled Neptune."
We have to complete the table in this way: