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Miscellaneous Information

Michael Feist is grandson of Alfred Witte's collaborator and publisher Ludwig Rudolph and one of nine family members who were educated in Witte's Astrology. Michael's family has practiced astrology since 1914, starting in 1913, as Ludwig Rudolph came into contact to astrology as a skeptic. In 1976, as a teenager, Michael started his first active experiences of supporting the family business on request by new publishing house CEO Udo Rudolph. After Ludwig Rudolph has passed away, 1982, Michael's personal astrological teachers were Ludwig Rudolph’s widow Emma and his son Udo. During Michael's studies of computer science (with a focus on human medicine) at University of Hamburg, he established his own publishing with the main focus on software and coaching of astrologers in technical astrological issues.

Since the early 1990's, Michael is Editor of the German Uranian Journal "Hamburger Hefte" (est. 1960) and in 2005 he become owner of the Witte-Verlag Publishing House, est. 1927 in Hamburg, Germany. Michael's main emphasis is his study of the astrological and historical development of the Uranian System of Astrology by Alfred Witte (System Hamburger Schule). He is one of seven IUF-Cofounders and sponsor of the IUF-Website.

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