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Miscellaneous Information

Francine is IUF Cofounder, IUF Core-Member and WKO board member – a dutch uranian research group (Werkgroep Kosmobiologisch Onderzoek).

Francine started to study traditional astrology, in 1980. In the nineties she came into contact with the Hamburg School Astrology through Antoon van Zon (†2000) who founded the WKO. Together with Udo Rudolph and Lietta Catoni, she travelled 2005 to the 25th anniversary of the Uranian Society, New York City. This was the beginning of a series of international symposia by an international group of astrologers, in fact an Uranian Research Group, which later resulted in the founding of IUF (The Hague 2007)

Francine is the special contact-node of the IUF. Contact languages are English, Dutch, German, Italian

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