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Meira B. Epstein ,C.A., NCGR-PAA, is a certified professional astrologer, a teacher on the New York NCGR faculty, developer of online teaching program for NCGR-PAA certification, a published author, a speaker at national & international conferences, including UAC and IUF. She is a member of the NCGR PEP (mentoring) program and a co-founder of IUF. Media & Communication Secretary for the Uranian Society (NCGR Special Interest Group). Meira had an extended and parallel career in computer systems programming and teaching ESL. Professional Affiliation: member of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Researc), AAGB (Astrological Association of Great Britain), AFA (American Federation of Astrologers), IUF (International Uranian Fellowship), The Uranian Society. Publications: Research and English translation of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra (12th c.) astrological books from medieval Hebrew. Writer of many articles published in the US & Europe. Teaching Specialties: Astronomy-for-astrologers, chart calculations, Hellenistic & Medieval Techniques and the Uranian system. In-depth preparation for all 4 levels of the NCGR-PAA Certification exams. Meira provides audio-visual online classes and tutorials on CD. She travels around the world extensively for lectures and workshops. “Teaching is my way of life” Practice: Meira has a vast experience with clients and provides regular professional personal consultation to people in the US and internationally. “I believe that the day-to-day practice of real-life astrology is as essential to the astrologer as is daily practice for concert pianist. Thus, you never lose the touch and the nuances.” Philosophy: Meira strongly believes that all the astrological systems, from the ancient Hellenistic to the modern Uranian, can be, and must be integrated into a seamless body of information about the person in the chart, to create a rich experience of what’s possible! “Free Will is the Inner Perception of the Intent of the Chart and the Agenda of the Soul”. Schedule, books & lectures are available on

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