A sad announcement

With deep personal concern, we must inform you that Bernd Singer, long-time author and member of the editorial staff of the German Uranian Journal (Hamburger Hefte), passed away on 20 August 2019 shortly after the current Journal went to press. Bernd Singer has been known to our readers for 30 years. Since 1989, Bernd has demonstrated his skills in more than 100 articles in the our Hamburg Journal. Bernd was co-founder and board member of the Astrological Study Centre Hamburg School (Astrologisches Studienzentrum Hamburger Schule; 2015), which is committed to the tradition of the Astrologers Association Hamburg School (Astrologenverein Hamburger Schule; 1925). Members and guests of the Study Centre have always enjoyed his lectures with great attention. Bernd Singer's way of performing astrological lectures was based on clear evidences paired with a pleasant humour and very friendly charisma.

Bernd Singer began his studies in 1981 with the so-called "classical or traditional astrology" and the Munich Rhythm Theory (Münchner Rhythmenlehre). In 1987 he continued his studies with the Uranian method. In 1994 Bernd became editor of the Hamburger Hefte Journal for the section “working tasks” (Arbeitsaufgaben). In 1997 his astrology book "Romy Schneider” (the astrological biography of an actor) attracted a lot of attention. This textbook gives an overview of the theory, technique and analysis of symmetrical astrology. One of Bernd's goals was to highlight the similarities between "traditional astrology" and the Uranian Astrology. For this reason he didn’t use Uranian planets in his book. Bernd Singer oriented himself strongly to the writings of Alfred Witte and in particular to Ludwig Rudolph, whose textbook "Leitfaden der Astrologie" Bernd Singer regarded as the most successful textbook of the Uranian technique and therefore became a model for his own book. At the 4th conference of the International Uranian Fellowship, Hamburg 2009, Bernd Singer also became known abroad with his lecture "Personal Daily Horoscope (pDH)".