The Black Moon

The Black Moon
A Sensitive Experience of the Soul's Potential in the Light of the Hamburg School Astrology
The Black Lights: the Black Moon and Black Sun axes in combination with the Moonnode axis, are part of the transpersonal dimension in the horoscope and symbolise the inherent soul’s mission brought into this life. They furnish the potential to decondition and represent the instruments to become what one already is in essence.
The Black Lights are mathematically calculated points and are deducted from the position and distance of the Moon and Sun towards the Earth.


On the picture above we see the elliptic orbit of the Moon and the (illusionary) elliptic orbit of the Sun around the Earth. Each elliptic has two focuspoints: the Earth, world of matter and the Black Light focus: the spiritual world. The position on the orbit where the Moon is the furthest away from the Earth is called the Black Moon. The position on the orbit where the Sun is the furthest away from the Earth is called the Black Sun.
The Black Moon is in her apogee when she is the furthest away on her orbit around the earth and where she could so to speak withdraw from her fixed orbit and step out of it as it were to define het own way. At this point the Moon has the least Moonquality of her structuring and nurturing principle and is almost equal tot the Sun as an individual star, authentic and original. The house position of the Black Moon in the horoscope describes the area where one refuses to go along with the conditional, mediocre and commonly accepted environmental cultural system.

The Black Moon is so to speak the steering device for one’s inner world and impels to follow one’s own intuitive wisdom in order to go the unique and individual path of one’s destiny. The Black Moon brings one in connection with another dimension of one’s existence where one can make the difference in one’s life. The house position is the area where one can open up to a deep connection with the soul’s mission, passion and fascination . This Black Moon potential generally does not manifest itself fully before the second half of one’s life -save some exceptional cases of course- when the personality has formed and made itself suitable as an instrument for the soul’s purpose to realise its destiny in this life.

A human being needs a firm developped personality in order to bring his light into the world.
Usually the Moon gets fertilised with the light of the Sun during the personal New Moon period, and can begin to bear fruit around the personal Full Moon period. Then slowly the awareness wakes up to make a difference in the wold by connecting with the innate passion of the Black Moon which often was felt as a child but who wasn’t prepared and able yet to manifest in the world. First life experience is needed to ripen the personality by repeating and adapting in the area where one is accepted and approved by one’s surrounding and has great ease to perform. This process occurs in the opposite position of the Black Moon on the Moon orbit, called Priapus, after the Greek God of fertility, where the Moon is the closest to Earth and where she has the utmost quality of structuring and nursing, a Supermoon so to speak.

It is a known fact that when transit Pluto squares natal Pluto (so called midlife crisis/opportunity in disguise) one is invited and called upon to open up to the impulses of the Black Moon (according to houseposition) where one has a loopclear awareness and vision that needs to be connected with the proper life experiences in order to integrate one’s spiritual heritage and be able to apply these unique core qualities at the service of mankind in a non-personal, altruistic way.

The way to achieve this is represented by the Black Sun-Diamond axis, the so called road of the Hero in combination with the Moonnode axis.
The Black Sun is the position on the Sun’s orbit that is the furthest away from Earth. It is the open channel towards the Universe, where the individual has not been conditioned. It is a naieve and creative force, that needs to be channelled and given form in life. It is actually around 12-12.5 degrees Cancer (it moves 1 degree every 72 years) and the houseposition is determining. Opposite the Black Sun lies the Diamond, which represents the area of the maximal realisable form into matter which helps us unlock and manifest the hidden juwel of the Black Moon and transform it to be of service to mankind.

As stated, the core quality of the Black Moon is indicated by house position, whereas position in sign indicates the correlating atmosphere.

The Black Moon in the 10th house in the natal chart indicates that the person has an inborn enhanced insight in social structures and the quality and ability to become a key figure and make history on a national and mundane scale by bringing on necessary changes in social and moral value systems for the benefit of society and wellbeing of mankind. It takes courage and dedication to do so and as we will see it sometimes can become a very sensitive life experience, especially when a personal sacrifice is made in fullfiling the soul’s mission.

I have the honour to present to you today my research on the position of the Black Moon in the 10th house in the charts of several wellknown public personalities in the field of power and politics and illustrate with the 90 dial the remarkable and surprising connection with relevant planetary pictures and personal points, according to the Hamburg School Astrology

I hope I will succeed to transmit and share with you today the result of my findings, which is the first step of further research.

Francois Mitterand" /> 

Francois Mitterand - President of France from 1981-1995


BLACK MOON AXIS (26°24 Cancer)
= MC = PL = AS

2nd axis (22°30)

= (SU/NE)/MA

(* BSDI = Axis of Black Sun and Diamond 

Mitterand's soul has the potential to become a prominent and powerful political statesman who wants to lead his nation with authority and power through strong and idealistic, socialistic actions and decisions.


Charles de Gaulle" />

Charles de Gaulle - General in the WW2  and President of France from 1959-1969


 BLACK MOON AXIS (23°40 Leo)
= NO = PO = PL
= (CU+ZE) / (MO/ME)
= MC / (MO/ME)
= BSDI / (NE/KR)*

2nd axis (22°30)
= (KR+KR) / SA
= (KR+KR) / (CU+ZE)
= CU/(ZE/AP)
= (MA/VU) / KR
= (MO/ME) / SA

(* BSDI = Axis of Black Sun and Diamond


De Gaulle's soul  has the quality of a strategist and military organiser as well as the potential to become a great president with independent intellect and spirit who operates with charismatic, diplomatical and political authority exclusively for the benefit of his nation.


Condoleeza Rice" />

Condoleeza Rice - Minister of Foreign Affairs, USA, under G.W.Bush Administration


BLACK MOON AXIS (18°03 Scorpio)

2nd axis (22°30)

= AP / (PL/KR)
= MO / (HA/ME)
= MO / (SU+MO+MC)

(* BSDI = Axis of Black Sun and Diamond

Condoleeza's soul has the potential to have influential connections and be a powerful tie between many people for the benefit of mankind. She ahs political and transformational abilities in crisis situation, although her actual political position in a government that uses brutality and destructive actions in a political terroristic war reflects her perseverant and not especially tender or scrupulous mind to operate in secrecy, theat needs to be dealt with and worked out karmically. 

Vladimir Putin" />

Vladimir Putin - 2nd President of Russia From 1999-2008


= MC = KR+VU
= (MC/PL) / (NO/JU)
= (AS/HA) / (KR/VU)
2nd axis (22°30)

(* BSDI = Axis of Black Sun and Diamond

Putins's soul has the potential of being a powerful charismatic public and political leader, head of state, a pater familiae so to speak, with great future vision, having to count however with dangerous adversaries due to his past connections.

J.F.Kennedy" />

John F.Kennedy - 35th President of the USA from 1961-1963



2nd Axis

= (KR+KR) / (CU/PL)
= (AR/KR) / (SA/ZE)
= BSDI / NE *

  (* BSDI = Axis of Black Sun and Diamond

Kennedy's soul has the potential of becoming a dominant authority for many people, due to his great power to bring about changes with expansive vision and charismatic speakers talent, although his life style and improper use of his political power and faulty (familiy) connections due to karmic past actions have lead to a dramatic end of his soul's purpose. 

Angela Merkel" />

Angela Merkel - first Lady Prime Minister of Germany since 2005



BLACK MOON AXIS (3°33 Scorpio)
= HA = PO = KR

2nd axis (T16, 22°30)

Angela Merkel's soul has a cultural and spiritual intelligent potential with a great sense of duty and self confidence, which tries to be of service to the cultural freedom of the community, although due to restricting ideas and influences of the past ,  not always able to express her radical impulses, clouding a clear perception, which can lead to erronic visions in her role as a public leader.

Princess Maxima" />

Princess Maxima - married in 2002 the dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander





BLACK MOON AXIS (10°48 Libra)
= AD = SU/SA = PL/KR
= (AR/PL)  / CU
= (AS/PL)  / CU
= (MC/MO) / AD
= (SU/NO) / MO
= (VE/KR) / (JU/NE)

2nd axis (22°30)

= MA / (UR/HA)
= MA / (MA/CU)
= MA / (ME/VE)

Maxima's soul has the potential to express herself in an improvised and open attitude to the world with her natural decisive and convincing femininity. She has an inborn intelligent, gracious, and exquiste harmonious quality of opening doors and making contact. She has the capacity to operate an a high level and no wonder that membership of a royal family is the appropriate opportunity for her soul's purpose.

In despite of difficult circumstances due to her father's argentinan political past in the Videla regime, she succeeded in being accepted by the dutch  government ot marry the dutch crownprince and in a short time has risento the highest rank in popularity.

Maxima is a born welfare worker and is President of a world microcredit project as well as President od Woman Minorities in the Netherlands. Together with her husband, the future King, they operate in a lot of charitable projects. 

The directed Black Moon" />

The directed Black Moon in Libra




   Solar Arc
Black Moon directed in 360° 
Francois Mitterand became President
21 MAY 1981

BMd = AS in Libra
Charles de Gaulle became President
8 JAN 1959

BMd = AS in Libra
John F. Kennedy became President
20 JAN 1961

41°40 BMd = T16* AS in Libra

Vladimir Putin
Presidential action from
31 DEC 1999
Official President
7 MAY 2000


BMd in Libra = T16 AS
(SUN in Libra)

Condoleeza Rice
National Security Advisor 
46°46  BMd = NO  = T16 NE in Libra
(Lord of BM Scorpio)
Angela Merkel became primeminister
22 NOV 2005
BMd = T16 NO
Lord of BM is Neptune = T1 MC in Libra°°

Princess Maxima
started public career
Charwoman Ctee Mircofinancing,
Member of Dutch Council od State,
Advice Council for dutch Government ...
30 JUN 2006
BMd = T8 AS = CU
Lord of BM in Libra

T = a Trail, who guides us through the study

° T1 = Trail 360/1 = arc of 0°
~ T8 = Trail 360/8  = arc of 45°
* T16 = Trail 360/16 = arc of 22°30

This research shows the remarkable fact that the sign Libra is prominent at the time of manifestation of the potential of the Black Moon in the tenth house of the natal horoscoped of the above analysed 7 prominent world leaders.
The sign Libra in its mundane quality indication political connections is a most appropriate and determining outcome. The Lord of Libra Venus represents at the social level the possibility and challenge to live together in peace by accepting each other's values even when they are different.
Last but not least, I have my Moonnode in Libra in the 9th house and it is no coincidence that I present this research paper abroad here in Riga: my Moonnode at 24°31 Libra equals the LM of Riga at 25°57 Aries. 

This I-U-F lecture was held during the
"3rd International Conference of Uranian Astrology for Body, Soul and Spirit"
in the Riga Congress Centre, Latvia 2nd to 4th of May 2008.