The Black Moon

Princess Maxima" />

Princess Maxima - married in 2002 the dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander





BLACK MOON AXIS (10°48 Libra)
= AD = SU/SA = PL/KR
= (AR/PL)  / CU
= (AS/PL)  / CU
= (MC/MO) / AD
= (SU/NO) / MO
= (VE/KR) / (JU/NE)

2nd axis (22°30)

= MA / (UR/HA)
= MA / (MA/CU)
= MA / (ME/VE)

Maxima's soul has the potential to express herself in an improvised and open attitude to the world with her natural decisive and convincing femininity. She has an inborn intelligent, gracious, and exquiste harmonious quality of opening doors and making contact. She has the capacity to operate an a high level and no wonder that membership of a royal family is the appropriate opportunity for her soul's purpose.

In despite of difficult circumstances due to her father's argentinan political past in the Videla regime, she succeeded in being accepted by the dutch  government ot marry the dutch crownprince and in a short time has risento the highest rank in popularity.

Maxima is a born welfare worker and is President of a world microcredit project as well as President od Woman Minorities in the Netherlands. Together with her husband, the future King, they operate in a lot of charitable projects.