The Black Moon

The directed Black Moon" />

The directed Black Moon in Libra




   Solar Arc
Black Moon directed in 360° 
Francois Mitterand became President
21 MAY 1981

BMd = AS in Libra
Charles de Gaulle became President
8 JAN 1959

BMd = AS in Libra
John F. Kennedy became President
20 JAN 1961

41°40 BMd = T16* AS in Libra

Vladimir Putin
Presidential action from
31 DEC 1999
Official President
7 MAY 2000


BMd in Libra = T16 AS
(SUN in Libra)

Condoleeza Rice
National Security Advisor 
46°46  BMd = NO  = T16 NE in Libra
(Lord of BM Scorpio)
Angela Merkel became primeminister
22 NOV 2005
BMd = T16 NO
Lord of BM is Neptune = T1 MC in Libra°°

Princess Maxima
started public career
Charwoman Ctee Mircofinancing,
Member of Dutch Council od State,
Advice Council for dutch Government ...
30 JUN 2006
BMd = T8 AS = CU
Lord of BM in Libra

T = a Trail, who guides us through the study

° T1 = Trail 360/1 = arc of 0°
~ T8 = Trail 360/8  = arc of 45°
* T16 = Trail 360/16 = arc of 22°30

This research shows the remarkable fact that the sign Libra is prominent at the time of manifestation of the potential of the Black Moon in the tenth house of the natal horoscoped of the above analysed 7 prominent world leaders.
The sign Libra in its mundane quality indication political connections is a most appropriate and determining outcome. The Lord of Libra Venus represents at the social level the possibility and challenge to live together in peace by accepting each other's values even when they are different.
Last but not least, I have my Moonnode in Libra in the 9th house and it is no coincidence that I present this research paper abroad here in Riga: my Moonnode at 24°31 Libra equals the LM of Riga at 25°57 Aries. 

This I-U-F lecture was held during the
"3rd International Conference of Uranian Astrology for Body, Soul and Spirit"
in the Riga Congress Centre, Latvia 2nd to 4th of May 2008.